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“The logic is pretty obvious,” said retired Army Brig. Gen. Clara Adams-Ender. “The troops need to be in excellent physical condition because of the demands of the important jobs they do in defense. Rigorous physical and mental standards are critical if we are to maintain the fighting readiness of our military.”

Makes sense to me.  This was said at a press conference by a member of “Mission: Readiness, a group of retired admirals, generals, and other senior military leaders.”

An interesting idea would be for the military to offer a fat fighting pre-boot camp… boot camp!  Isn’t one particular incentive for young – underprivileged – high school graduates to join the military that they will be given job training and assistance for college?  I don’t see why offering to get them into shape wouldn’t be a good angle.  I think it would be great if we started seeing commercials for the Army or Navy that basically demonstrated it as a fat camp, that also turned us into some sort of hero by letting us serve our country while battling the bulge.  Pun intended.  I could see that being a pretty tempting notion for a lot of young people who just need someone to yell at them when they don’t feel like doing push-ups.  I don’t really see that type of promotion much different than one that claims you will receive financial assistance for school.  Both are just incentives, and different people want different things in life.

I’m not sure if I’m sold on the idea that because “27 percent of young adults are medically ineligible for the military”, that we are actually less safe.  I mean, I definitely can’t imagine trekking around all day on foot, carrying 50 pounds of gear and another many pounds of excess fat, and still being on top of my game when it comes to ‘fighting the enemy’.  However, I think some people’s ideas of what makes us safe are a little skewed.  The U.S. does, afterall, spend about as much on its military than the rest of the world combined, and yet a large section of Americans still feel unsafe.

Putting the politics of foreign policy and military spending aside, I really like the angle these retired military leaders are taking by not just saying Americans are too fat to protect themselves, but actually suggesting/targeting something specific like school lunch programs, like those that serve pizza for freaking breakfast.

“We cannot wait until our young adults reach enlistment age to do something about it,” said retired Navy Rear Adm. James Barnett Jr. “By that time, they may have already developed a chronic and lifelong weight problem.” […] “If we do something about it, school can become a terrific environment for proper meals.”

I found this point in the article particularly interesting:

The retirees referred to a similar push military leaders made in 1945, when concerns about poor nutrition in potential recruits resulted in the creation of a national school lunch program.

So the school lunch program that serves sloppy joe’s and strawberry sugar milk was a result of a similar proposal?  I think that because the result of those suggestions has unfortunately turned into a travesty of nutrition, that it may have bitten the military leaders in the ass.  I’m curious of the exact concerns they had in the 40’s that caused them to speak up back then.  I wonder how those concerns compare to the ones that exist today, amidst our obesity epidemic and all…  when most major diseases that cause premature death or poor quality of life are lifestyle diseases, largely attributable to poor diet.

With junk food in the cafeteria, physical education programs being scrapped all over the place, and school funding in general seemingly going down at every turn, I still think the school’s are a great place to start.  Good job, Mission: Readiness!

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Jamie’s got balls.

(The show premiered last night.  You can watch it here on Hulu.)

I can’t imagine doing what he is doing.  This show is a great example of when someone is faced with the challenge of trying to change the mindset of a group of people for their own good, that person walks the fine line of being seen as either someone that is trying to help, or as an ass that thinks they know better and are just telling others what to do because they are too stupid to figure it out.

For this case, however, I think it’s a little bit of both.  I don’t think Jamie’s an ass, but I do think he is trying to help, and I also think he knows better than them.  Of course these people don’t know what’s good for them.  That’s not me or Jamie being an ass, that’s just a fact.  As he says at the beginning of the episode (when he is being interviewed by the radio dj), he is there because of a statistic, not because he thinks poorly of them or is there to poke fun.  That statistic (that Huntington West Virginia is one of the unhealthiest cities in the country) proves one simple, cold, hard, fact…  that the people there would rather satisfy their taste-buds and continue poor habits than live vibrant, long lives. 

I loved that he told the mother of that family that she is killing her kids.  No, it’s not because I like to see people cry, it’s because he was blunt, and so right.  It drew a strong emotion out of her, which I think is sometimes necessary for people to truly realize what they are doing.  In a way, to wake them up.

Something else I loved?  The look that surly lunch lady gave him when he called her a lunch lady.  I can’t believe she shook her head when he told the kitchen staff of the elementary school that he was on their side.  Yeah, he’s just there to eff with them and have a laugh…

It’s too bad people’s ego’s are too big to see what’s hanging off their bodies staring them in the face.

Pizza for breakfast?  Pink milk?  Seriously?

What do you think about this show?  Will these hard-heads realize he is really there to help, and can they be helped?

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I’ve got a guest post up today on Disease Proof spouting my love for bananas.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Bananas are the ultimate convenience food! As far as fruit goes (or for that matter any “snack” food) bananas require no washing, cutting, peeling, storage, or packaging. They come in their own biodegradable wrapper that can be removed by hand! What more could you ask for in a convenience food?

Just don’t leave the peel lying on the ground. Comedy and/or bodily injury may occur!”

Click on through to read the rest.  Thanks!

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Your body craves what you give it.  Think about that statement…

You’re not depriving yourself of anything if you get out of the

CRAVE-bad-food—–>EAT-bad-food cycle.

When trying to get out of the habit of eating junk foods, it will take some time, but slowly you will begin to enjoy the taste of things that you may not have before…  or that you assumed you wouldn’t (even though you’ve never tried it).

If you begin transitioning into eating better,  you will actually learn that those foods that used to satisfy a hunger, or a craving, or boredom, will no longer be able to do that because of how your mind and your tastes have changed.  If you never stop having your bag of peanut M&M’s at 3pm everyday, or if you stop but don’t try hard enough to find a healthy alternative, you’ll never find out if there can be something better for you that you will enjoy.

Those salty and sugary snacks can begin to actually lose their appeal.  That may seem hard to imagine if you love your Doritos or your Snickers bar habit, but that just proves how mental that challenge really is.  The mind can be changed.  Cravings can be changed.

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I'm sure McD's was part of his diet of moderation

A friend pointed this out to me the other day…

McDonald’s website has some pretty interesting (and predictable) frequently asked questions and answers.

Here’s my favorite:


Frequently Asked Questions About McDonald’s USA Food & Nutrition

Q: Can McDonald’s food be part of a healthy, balanced diet?

A: Yes. Many nutrition professionals agree that McDonald’s food can be part of a healthy eating style based on the sound nutrition principles of balance, variety and moderation. One key to a healthy diet is to moderate, not eliminate, favorite foods because eliminating foods is rarely successful long term. In fact, the American Dietetic Association says all foods can fit into a healthy diet and what’s most important is eating a balanced diet over time, rather than focusing on any one food or meal.

McDonald’s varied menu and range of serving sizes make it easy to fit our food into a balanced diet and to create a range of meal combinations that fall within recommended guidelines for calories, fat and other nutrients.

McDonald’s would no sooner consult “nutrition professionals” (whatever the hell that means) than they would hire professional writers to answer questions like this in such a vague and McDonald’s-centric point of view.  OF COURSE the answer is yes.  Was there any doubt?

OF COURSE they wouldn’t condone eliminating anything from ones diet.  Why would they?  If anyone were to do such a thing, I wouldn’t be surprised if fast food was the first thing to go!  As I’ve said before, anyone who argues that moderation is a better choice than elimination of something that many would agree is not the best choice is only doing so because they can’t let go of their cravings.

As for the menu selections mentioned that fit into a balanced diet, take a look at their meal suggestions that:

…many nutrition professionals agree can be part of a healthy diet based on the sound nutrition principles of balance, variety and moderation.

Notice that most of the meal suggestions feature either a small juice, milk, or diet soda as the beverage.  Also, you won’t find a quarter pounder on there anywhere…  or a big mac, or a bacon cheeseburger (the items in which they spend most of their advertising on).  Fries are mentioned once, as a small size, with the following asterisk: 

*To reduce sodium, French fries may be ordered without added salt

I would love to hear of someone trying that while in the drive-through.

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elephant-slideTimes are tough.  People are losing their jobs!  Most of us need to pay more attention to where our money is going because of the uncertainty about the near future.

When disasters happen, people often say:

Well, at least we’ve got our health.”

I think people need to make sure that they really believe that, and are not just saying something that sounds good to make themselves feel better, like they are attempting to look on the bright side.

Being healthy, and maintaining health should always remain a priority, and we should be especially diligent about paying attention to that in hard times!

I always think it’s rather odd when people I know brag to me about how inexpensive something they ate, or are about to eat, was.  This doesn’t seem like something I would want to brag about.  

Think about it like this:  What’s the most common thought that someone has when discovering that a material possession they have that has broken, was inexpensive and/or cheaply made?

I guess you get what you pay for!”


Shouldn’t this phrase have ten-fold meaning when talking about food???

When I hear someone bragging that they bought a food product or a meal for “x” amount of money, and it seems relatively pretty cheap, I just CAN’T HELP but think about all of the resources that it took to plant, grow, harvest, produce, package, transport, market, and retail that item or meal, and wonder how it is possible that anyone is making any money off something so inexpensive!  They do it by cutting costs every way they can, and often that means providing a sub-par product.  Cutting costs when it comes to something I’m going to eat, does not sound good to me.  

Cutting costs results in salmonella and e-coli contamination.

Cutting costs results in unsafe food temperatures during transportation.

Look…  Modern transportation, refrigeration, and manufacturing has provided us with more and more food products daily, and at lower prices.  This of course can be a good thing too!  Produce is available year-round in most places.  To me, that is convenience food.  

I’m certainly not made of money, and I’m not saying that we shouldn’t be frugal at the grocery store too if we’re concerned about money.  I’m just saying that maybe we should put a little more thought into it when picking our battles over what to spend our money on.  Food choice is an important battle to think about.

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I just have to bring this up…

If you’d like a good laugh, you’ve got to check out the comments in an old post of mine.

The post is called:  Stop stealing food from the hungry!!

In that post, I first mention an article in which some estimates show that the number of overweight people in the world has surpassed the number of people that don’t get enough food.

Of course, me being me, I make a ridiculous joke that fat people are literally stealing hungry people’s food.  I then PURPOSELY feature two photos of kids, one of an actual fat kid, and one photo of two (probably African) children with distended stomachs.  The purpose was to mistakenly label both photos as fat kids to make a point.  The point is that it’s kind of sad that the real fat kid is being fed a ton by his parents, with no regard for his health, while there are millions of starving children around the world that really are starving.

No, I’m not trying to reiterate the old saying that your mom used to tell you at dinner…  “Finish your plate!  There’s people starving in Africa!!!”

It’s different than that.  It’s more like “DON’T finish your plate because there are people starving”.

I don’t know.  I certainly have no idea how to go about getting starving children the nutrients they need, so I’m not going to speculate on that.

stewieHOWEVER, I will speculate on how the real fat kid god fat, and how he can get un-fat.

Anyway, read the comments.  Several different people threaten to have my blog shut down because I am an idiot for mistakenly labeling the starving children with big bellies as fat, despite the fact that I say in black and white that one photo features the effects of malnutrition.

It’s just amazing.

The most recent threat was to sue me.  It cracked me up.

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