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I’ve got a guest post up today on Disease Proof spouting my love for bananas.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Bananas are the ultimate convenience food! As far as fruit goes (or for that matter any “snack” food) bananas require no washing, cutting, peeling, storage, or packaging. They come in their own biodegradable wrapper that can be removed by hand! What more could you ask for in a convenience food?

Just don’t leave the peel lying on the ground. Comedy and/or bodily injury may occur!”

Click on through to read the rest.  Thanks!

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Your body craves what you give it.  Think about that statement…

You’re not depriving yourself of anything if you get out of the

CRAVE-bad-food—–>EAT-bad-food cycle.

When trying to get out of the habit of eating junk foods, it will take some time, but slowly you will begin to enjoy the taste of things that you may not have before…  or that you assumed you wouldn’t (even though you’ve never tried it).

If you begin transitioning into eating better,  you will actually learn that those foods that used to satisfy a hunger, or a craving, or boredom, will no longer be able to do that because of how your mind and your tastes have changed.  If you never stop having your bag of peanut M&M’s at 3pm everyday, or if you stop but don’t try hard enough to find a healthy alternative, you’ll never find out if there can be something better for you that you will enjoy.

Those salty and sugary snacks can begin to actually lose their appeal.  That may seem hard to imagine if you love your Doritos or your Snickers bar habit, but that just proves how mental that challenge really is.  The mind can be changed.  Cravings can be changed.

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Hey now!

On Hulu right now, there are two really good movies that everyone should see.

The first one is Super Size Me, with Morgan Spurlock, which if you haven’t seen yet…  Have you been under a rock?

Although I have seen it, I enjoyed watching it again.  There were a lot of good scenes that I had forgotten about.  Sure it’s a bit extreme just to prove a point that some may not even think pertains to them, and people say that “of course the food made him feel like crap because he ate so much of it.  It’s fine in moderation!”  The people that think this way are forgetting that just because someone doesn’t eat a bad food everyday doesn’t mean they will be immune to that foods effects on the body, it will just take longer to occur than a concentrated McD’s binge like Spurlock’s.  The thing is that study after study has shown that the more fast food a person eats, the likelihood and quantity of diseases becomes greater and greater, and it doesn’t take as much of the poor foods to increase their chances as they would like to believe.  It’s really not much different than slowly getting lead poisoning from steady long-term exposure.

As a side note, Spurlock also has a TV series called 30 Days in which he or other people commit to experiencing a completely different lifestyle for 30 days.  Some examples include Morgan and his wife attempting to live on minimum wage, a homophobic straight man living in the gayest part of San Francisco, and an atheist living with a Christian family, etc…

The second movie is The Future of Food.  I’ve only started this one recently and finished about half of it.  So far there are some startling points about how large companies can have patents on seeds and even legally force farmers to grow (or not grow) specific crops and even particular strains of those crops, which in turn largely influences what food producers bring cheaply into our food cupboards.  It’s just one of those movies that everyone should see, if only to be aware, but potentially to help influence their choices which can in turn support or not support certain industries. 

That reminds me of a new movie called Food, Inc. that just came out.  Check out the trailer:

I really like the point made that I’m casting a vote for a particular food company or type of food each time I put something into my grocery cart.  If we stop giving votes to the big industries that are making us sick and fat, either they won’t be around much longer, or they may start to change the way they operate.

Here’s another trailer:

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I just have to bring this up…

If you’d like a good laugh, you’ve got to check out the comments in an old post of mine.

The post is called:  Stop stealing food from the hungry!!

In that post, I first mention an article in which some estimates show that the number of overweight people in the world has surpassed the number of people that don’t get enough food.

Of course, me being me, I make a ridiculous joke that fat people are literally stealing hungry people’s food.  I then PURPOSELY feature two photos of kids, one of an actual fat kid, and one photo of two (probably African) children with distended stomachs.  The purpose was to mistakenly label both photos as fat kids to make a point.  The point is that it’s kind of sad that the real fat kid is being fed a ton by his parents, with no regard for his health, while there are millions of starving children around the world that really are starving.

No, I’m not trying to reiterate the old saying that your mom used to tell you at dinner…  “Finish your plate!  There’s people starving in Africa!!!”

It’s different than that.  It’s more like “DON’T finish your plate because there are people starving”.

I don’t know.  I certainly have no idea how to go about getting starving children the nutrients they need, so I’m not going to speculate on that.

stewieHOWEVER, I will speculate on how the real fat kid god fat, and how he can get un-fat.

Anyway, read the comments.  Several different people threaten to have my blog shut down because I am an idiot for mistakenly labeling the starving children with big bellies as fat, despite the fact that I say in black and white that one photo features the effects of malnutrition.

It’s just amazing.

The most recent threat was to sue me.  It cracked me up.

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The producer of shows such as The Bachelor and other reality TV crap has teamed up with Fox again to bring us a new kind of dating/elimination/survivor-esque/drama-filled/over-hyped/so-far-removed-from-real-life show.

This time, on the heels of the huge popularity of such shows as America’s Biggest Loser, they’re bringing us a “bachelor” type show featuring average people  (Lest we’ve forgotten, the average in the U.S. is to be at least moderately overweight, being that one is actually in the minority if he or she is not overweight or obese).

Enough of these shows featuring “attractive” people falling in “love”!  Who wants to see that?


Fox has begun casting for their new show called More to Love:

“For six years, it’s been skinny-minis and good-looking bachelors, and that’s not what the dating world looks like,” says Fox’s Mike Darnell.

“Why don’t real women — the women who watch these shows, for the most part — have a chance to find love too?”

Haha!  Yes indeed.  I wonder if Darnell means the kind of love where you don’t act yourself when you’re around potential “love” candidates because you have a camera following you around and are being watched by millions?  Why can’t real women find this kind of “love”?!?  What a shame.

On the other hand, I suppose just as The Biggest Loser is unrealistic for most people, it can still be inspiring for us “normies”.  I can imagine some normies that have been estranged to the dating world due to some negative self-talk being inspired to get out there again, and perhaps feeling a little better about themselves.  In that respect it can be a good thing.  Or said person could have the opposite opinion of the show, and watching it would make themselves feel worse.  Really it would all depend on the viewer’s state of mind.

“It may be a little controversial,” Darnell says,”but I think it will mostly be positive. This is so simple and so obvious, yet it has never been done.”

“We want to send the message that you can be the size you are and still be lovable.”

I’ll definitely be checking it out.  I’m curious what the producers think a “real” person looks like.  They may accidentally prove to us that being fat doesn’t make you any more “real”, it just makes you fat.  Apparently if you’re not overweight you’re not real.  

I can’t wait to find out what the fat acceptance feministas have to say about this.

[via here & here]

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Does this happen to you?  

Somehow traveling always makes me feel BLEH!    …And grabbing junk food when we stop for gas seems to make me feel 10 times worse, but that urge to nibble on things is tough to fight.  

Still, I can’t imagine getting things like these:

Chip Znuff


This is like the most condensed collection of the worst chip-type-snacks I can imagine.  They fall into the category of something that I would want to try just because I can’t even imagine what they would taste like, and I would probably be amazed at the flavor that the factories were able to concoct from no ingredients that came from any real discernable food.   

Who knew Burger King made those “chips”?  Do you think the King knows?


I like to stick to nuts and fruit when driving or flying.  You’d think I was part monkey since I always seem to have a banana everywhere I go.  They’re like the perfect snack!  I guess they’re a little fragile though.  

I need to get myself one of these:


What do you like to snack on when traveling?

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Two great quotes I heard in the last few days:

artiefat#1. 300 pound Artie Lange from the Howard Stern Show was on David Letterman Tuesday night:

The reason I’m so heavy, I think, is my mother is an enabler with food. […] The day I met my mother, I weighed 7 1/2 pounds…  Since I met my mother, I’ve put on 293 1/2 pounds.  I’m literally 40 times the weight.  The woman is the devil!”

I think his math was one pound off, but the joke is still funny. 


Kortnie#2. Kortnie, the barely plus-sized model (only compared to the rest) from this season’s America’s Next Top Model:

My body is a temple, and sometimes my body wants cheesecake!”

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